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Re: My Console Project almost complete

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2020 12:32 pm
by engrssc
Can't tell exactly, but if the right most expr pedal is used as a crescendo, generally it would be mounted approx 1/2" higher than the other expr peds. Some builders also add a little extra space between it and the pedal mounted to it's left. The idea being tryinf to avoid accidentally moving the cresc ped.


Re: My Console Project almost complete

PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 9:42 pm
by jcrowley
Hi Ed!

I did think of the spacing change - however the expression pedals can be customized for each instrument. The Expression shoes are generally (I/Choir/Positiv) (III/Swell) (IV or II Great or Solo or Echo) or the far right shoe can be also a crescendo jalousie schweller. I have the approprate LED's now to provide for both instances.

The original Haygren configuration is what you see - I used the entire mechanism after restoring it. I am also going to use the potentiometers from my Samson keyboards - I have to figure out exactly how to do that, but since I am now using the original Haygren console base as my base it has the center portion all ready cut out. I can either put the Potentiometers above the pedals or below the hole in the base. Otherwise they will interfere with my computer case which is 22" x 21" x 9.5". I am trying to keep things more streamlined this time.

I will also add retractable wheels for ease of movement plus the whole shebang has to be about 6" higher due to the Haygren Pedalboard size.

Re: My Console Project almost complete

PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 10:44 pm
by engrssc
I did make some modifications to the console when we owned it due to the wishes of the of the organists.


Re: My Console Project almost complete

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2020 8:27 pm
by jcrowley
A small update - the RAM on my computer is now @ 190GB and I probably will install 4 more 16GB sticks to put me way over the top! Only issue is somehow, without being connected to the internet - the computer upgrades regardless of what I have instructed it to do. I have not attached my wireless USB device since last January.

There is much progress on the physical console - unfortunately there was a physical location move in the middle so all of my projects have come to a grinding halt. I completely rebuilt a dining set adding strength to the chairs by installing dowels and screws with glue. Completely finished from scratch. It was made from a very 'modern' material of Coconut Palm wood. The stuff is indestructible, tight grained and won't accept stain. So I became familiar with wood dyes! Great success the color is amazing. The reason for the furniture industry to use Parawood (Rubber Tree) and Coconut Palm is that it machines well, sands to an extremely smooth surface - I have never heard of any organbuilder using it on a regular basis. It seems very strong as well. Both wood types do not like water so a good solid finish was achieved with the dye - which is water based, but it has an emulsifier that makes the product not behave like water based finishes of the past. The color is interesting and looks very much like Macacauba wood a cinnamon color with orange/brown/amber - looks as if it is cherry.

I also am making a music bookshelf from the top of the Haygren Organ and new framing underneath. I had a good family friend of the family move from their only home and had a Mid-Century Oak Bookshelf with sliding glass doors. The shelving is absolutely the perfect size of most big editions of organ music so they are deep and high. So sad I lost Messiaen's The Mystery of the Trinity which I lent out decades ago but cannot remember to whom it was lent! It was supersized along with Jehan Alain and Langlais works. The book case fits nicely atop of what is basically a Credenza or Buffet table-like structure.made from the Haygren console top.

The former back and sides of the new console became my head and footboard of my bed - it looks great!

The 'newer console' is going to be mean and lean. I also managed to fashion the new base of my console from the Haygren organ base. It is almost 1.5" thick or 38.1000 mm. I purchased a new DeWalt router that is cordless and I am amazed at the ease of use - I do not know why I stuck with my Industrial Craftsman Router for 40 years!

Re: My Console Project almost complete

PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 1:21 am
by engrssc
jcrowley wrote:A small update - the RAM on my computer is now @ 190GB and I probably will install 4 more 16GB sticks to put me way over the top!

Why so much? How many RAM slots does your mobo have? Just curious as RAM increases usually as 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128. As I understand it, the maximum capacities are 32-bit systems - up to 4 GB, and 64-bit systems - up to 128 GB
providing you have the physical space to fit the RAM modules. I realize 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education will support up to 2TB of RAM, while the 64-bit version of Windows 10 Home is limited to only 128GB dependent of course on the CPU. - why I was curious.

jcrowley wrote: Only issue is somehow, without being connected to the internet - the computer upgrades regardless of what I have instructed it to do. I have not attached my wireless USB device since last January.

Are you saying the operating system is upgrading? (Assuming Windows?) Does the computer have built-in wifi?


Re: My Console Project almost complete

PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:41 pm
by jcrowley
Hey Ed,

My Operating System is Windows 10 Pro.

My Computer will hold 288 GB of RAM. I generally always strive to make any of my computers future proof so I try to spend $$$ wisely by making sure the CPUs are the newest and best that I can find. I still have 12 empty slots for the RAM but the cooling towers cover 8 of the slots. It was "murder on the orient express" getting any cooling towers on the CPU's. Originally the MB came with two radiators with no other cooling. That worked for about 3.5 minutes until the "temperature of the CPU's made the MB shut down. So on to Fan Setup 2 - which I had to Gerry-rig the support screws since there was an apparent chassis change by SuperMICRO and all of the cooling apparatus' for my chip type - did not work, mostly because of the set screw holes and spacing was completely different. So on fan set # 7 I finally got different hardware for the screws - and locking tiny nuts for securing then to the radiator/fans. They are about 8" tall and take up a lot of space in the Full Tower case. I guess that I could have attempted water cooling but I have never used it before - so I didn't know what to get and they are very pricey!

I know the RAM quantity is weird but each of my sticks are 16GB and all match. I will get 4 more if I can find matching stock but it is getting rarer and rarer too find. I also have a backup CPU just in case. I had similar problems with my first HW computer - I had a Tyan board with 2 CPU's and I could only find 4GB sticks and the 16-32GB sticks were out of control very expensive. Turns out that the CPU's burned out only 2 years after my loading the Motherboard. I had been planning on the console since before I found Hauptwerk - before 2000. I just figured that something will come along eventually and it did...

I am still struggling with the pistons but have everything layed out on the console. I moved to Janesville on August 1st and I wasn't expecting to move for at least 5 years but had a great opportunity and fortune to find sufficient dwelling. I had about 5 projects on the burners including refinishing my dining room set which turned out better than expected. So hopefully I will have ignition again before Christmas.

Re: My Console Project almost complete

PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2021 9:05 pm
by jcrowley
Well, my up-grade took the better part of 2 years and I am almost finished - I had ordered new Fatar keyboards with pistons in late December 2020 and due to Ontario, Canada being under super quarantine several times this year they completed my order in June 2021.

The dimensions changed bigly between version 1 and version 2 of my I had to wait until I had all of the pieces before re-assembly.

Basically entirely new console base (Same table only now in solid wood) new back and side panels. Side supports and base to hold the super computer all raised up by 8.5 inches because after restoring the Haygren pedalboad and nearly demolishing my back due to the weight - 175 # and size. I can no longer lift it by myself.

The base also got levelers at each corner because my apartment in an old 1850's house has wonky floors everywhere. I had to put levelers on everything. This was serendipitous because I also have new casters that fit into the leveler wood inserts and with my Classic Keyboard manuals/key cheeks I can now set the keydesk back almost 98% on the Console table and the whole thing will fit through a 30" door.

Some new features are...

The pedalboard will now have 14 toe studs as well. I had to wire and mount the potentiometers to fit the original Haygren swell/crescendo shoes and stick assembly.

16 lighted rocker tabs for permanent 8' only couplers plus a Unison off for each manual so that I can now have a phantom manual for all of the 4 manual Hauptwerk Sample Sets and that manual can be transmitted to any keyboard while silencing the native division.

1 new bar graph LED and three new 2 X 16 LED message units for the combination action and sequencer among other things.

Finally got another 2 sticks of RAM so now I have 224 GB of RAM - and I think I will quit with the memory already anyway!

Re: My Console Project almost complete

PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2022 5:49 pm
by jcrowley
Just a quick update with links to my latest album on Flickr.

2022 Updates - Descriptions of the upgrade project are with the Album 2022 Updates.

They can be found here

My how time flies during a lockdown!

Re: My Console Project almost complete

PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, 2022 10:26 pm
by jcrowley
Well...another year and yet another console project.

I had to reduce the size of my Hauptwerk console because there is just not enough room in my apartment. I did manage to eek out one YouTube performance for the 2022 Bach Around the Clock (BATC) festival, sponsored by Wisconsin Public Radio. The performance is here: playing J. S. Bach's BWV 549a or the Præludium (Fantasia and Fugue in d). It is on my second channel of Craig Byars (that is my real birth name). I used the fantastic set by Piotr Grabowski of the St. Bartholomäus Church in Freisach, Austria. I had to explain what a 'virtual organ' is because no one has ever had a festival entry using a virtual instrument. It was met with rave reviews! My camera quit just after the start of the Fugue but thanks to Hauptwerk, the audio continued so the video editor threw in a couple pictures of the real organ in situ. This year I have two new cameras so that should not be a problem.

Just after I finished recording for BATC, my pedalboard developed a spring problem and I have to have a new fulcrum installed. It was a full sized pedalboard. That is several years away so to kill zwei Vögeln with one Stein, I decided to switch gears and create a new instrument. This time evoking the Hammond name, I found an Aurora chassis which was oak and quite nice looking and best of all it was half the size of my former console. I already had an Allen 'Princess' pedalboard which worked very well and it is half the size.

I am almost finished with the build and will supply pictures next month.. I have included all of the bells and whistles that I have already on-hand using LED bargraphs, screens and numerical displays from MIDI Boutique. Fully functioning toe studs to duplicate the General Pistons and Tutti's. New Potentiometers and wiring for the expression pedals, Plus several duplicated 'Back and Next' paddles for the combination sequencer including a LaunchPad Mini to fill-in the remaining pistons for the sequencer and all of the miscellaneous couplers that may be available. I am only used to Manual to Pedal 8' and Manual to Manual 8' Couplers so I have not included them in the bolster Rocking Tabs. Then, there is a PDF 23" Touchscreen and NUC with remote keypad for the display of music from the United Kingdom.

Curious though - when I reviewed the piece for BATC before sending it to the video editor - I discovered something that zero professor/teachers pointed out and that is I cannot fit my fingers between the naturals and sharps. They are too wide by about 10% and so I compensate by twisting my hand sideways to play in certain keys and I also play to the front of the keys. I have played historic instruments with shorter, wider keys and have no problem at all. Not one instructor mentioned this. It is obvious and probably why some music is very difficult for me and some keys are pretty much impossible. I have shied away from Romantic/Classic music because the chording is very difficult for me to achieve without a lot of error. Haha, I just thought that I was slow on the up-take!

Re: My Console Project almost complete

PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2023 1:28 pm
by jcrowley
New Photos of my final Virtual Organ Setup

Here is a link to flickr (no sign-up necessary) with the latest photos of my build.

The descriptions are with each photo and the album proper.

I realized that the last console was too big for my apartment and the full-sized pedalboard had to have a new fulcrum replaced so the search was on for a new build and with prices going through the roof on all things wood I have tried to reuse as much oak that I have along with having to find a good chassis or basis for my build.

I found a Hammond Aurora organ on of all places Craig's List. It was about 60 miles away and super cheap @ $250.00.

The Organ still worked and was in perfect condition. I still dismantled it completely, but I have about 9" worth of diagrams and installation guides from the Hammond company. This is for a later date - much later.

I refinished the case of the console, built a platform for the console and a separate one for the pedalboard and bench as the console did not conform originally to AGO/BDO standards. When complete it will fix this issue.

I also had to use a weighted Cantilevered system to support the manual overhang of 8.5". The build completely complies with AGO/BDO standards and is 29.5" from the top of the bottom keyboard keys to the pedal "e" key. 8..5" from the front of the bottom keyboard to the pedal sharps - I am also using an Allen Princess pedalboard which is roughly 1/2 the size of a standard pedalboard (and about 100 pounds lighter) BUT the front of the pedalboard keys is about the same in size so the keys fall naturally and comfortably within normal playing. My Bench is set normally away from the manuals but is way over the back of the pedalboard to be comfortable and normal playing.

I have added several LED components and 3 new LCD screens from MIDI Boutique to handle the Organ Name, Temperament; Combination Name and Favorite Level; The Stepper Frame and Level, The Status of the Last button used and the Name of the Button. These are amazing game changers.

I have also added my Power Music (UK) Capacitative Touch Screen PDF Reader which allows for perfect landscape/portrait display of the music (it does take quite a long process to get an image ready to use) but the ease of use is incredible - a game changer along with the European Stepper system. I also have a USB keyboard which the colors of the backlights can be custom as well as the key caps used to go between compositions, Turn pages, Bring up the task bar, Go between full screen and normal, Go forward/back to a D.S or D. C Capo. This runs on an independent NUC Computer which is the size of the palm of my hand. It runs on Windows 10 and there is no fan.

I also have a LaunchPad Mini which takes the English Combination System into consideration and use, Had 8 Levels of Memory for the Capture System. Supplies all of the Hauptwerk functions (and not available on the native HW instrument)for Coupling for up to 4 Manuals/Pedal. Recording system and added features for toys and the stepper system such as 0, 00, 000, +. -

If you have any questions feel free to add them here.

Re: My Console Project almost complete

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2023 8:42 pm
by jcrowley
I almost forgot about the PDF Music Computer and my dust cover.

Here is a picture of the dust cover and the description for the PDF reader is in my Flickr comment. ... ed-public/