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New VPO Blog posting at

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New VPO Blog posting at

PostTue Jun 05, 2018 11:51 pm

New VPO Posting at regarding a newly available 3-manual church organ. for photo.

Your comments are welcome.

We have a very nice 3-manual organ console which we have been working on for a few months and we are at the point where we want to find a new church home for it.

The new owners will decide, if we are to leave the lighted draw knobs or remake the jambs and use Touchscreen jambs.

There are 58 lighted draw knobs to be converted with the addition of MIDI electronics to drive the lamps in the draw knobs and the coupler rail.

The keyboards are the excellent quality wood key beds with white plastic tops probably built by Laukhauf. The keyboards, pedal board, coupler rail, pistons and toe studs are being converted to MIDI with an MGB HWCE+ and Keymux64 encoder set which is almost completely installed.

Next will come the addition of an Organtechnology i7-6core (12 threads) sound engine computer with up to 64GB of memory as needed for the sample set(s) chosen. Solid State Drives will be used for fastest boot up as well as a large 2TB HDD for storing Organ Sample Sets. Either Windows 7 Professional 64 bit or Windows 10 Professional 64 bit O/S can be chosen by the buyer.

The ASIO audio sound card will be a virtual sound card and will use Dante Audio-Over-Ethernet technology allowing for up to 64 channels of high quality 24 bit, 48 kHz sample rate transmission over a single CAT6 cable. The Dante AoE audio will be converted to analog audio for the speakers by Dante based analog output modules either in the amplifier rack or in the speaker chambers as required. The Dante audio system can be expanded by the addition of loudspeakers and Dante modules from its original size to twice or four times as large, without changing or adding hardware to the console.

Please call us at the number listed on our contact page to inquire about this fine instrument.

The estimated minimum configuration is expected to be in the $25k range. Since the actual price will vary depending on the number of audio channels, please contact us to discuss the requirements for your worship space.

Complete Hauptwerk™ systems using real wood consoles, PC Sound Engines, Dante Audio for Home or Church. info (at)
Authorized Hauptwerk; Milan Digital Audio and Lavender Audio reseller.
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