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If you are thinking about building a home VPO.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2020 1:32 pm
by organtechnology
The Hauptwerk software was created to replicate the sound of a pipe organ with astounding accuracy and definition. It is this software and the high quality digital recordings of the individual pipes in the historic organs which makes the Virtual Pipe Organ possible. We (Organtechnology) have provided the keydesk, console, computer and sound systems to make Hauptwerk and sample sets work together seamlessly to produce sounds of a real pipe organ for dozens of individuals and churches.

The major parameters we use to begin the process are; How many manuals are desired (our self imposed limit is four) for the console?, What type of organ do you want to play (classical, church or theater or all) and what sort of budget do you propose for this project? We have built everything from table top organs that look like a science fair project to re-purposed Allen and Rodgers consoles and even our own modular console design that can be moved from place to place through narrow doorways.

Please look at our webpage at for examples of what we have created and then reach out via email or text, to start a conversation about which hardware you would like to use to get your own Virtual Pipe Organ for your home.

This is not an offer or a sales pitch but an invitation to conversation while we are all staying home to stay healthy. We thought we would offer one-on-one hardware advice to those who want it, to help get people started on their journey to a VPO. Organtechnology builds the hardware to operate the Hauptwerk VPO software and the desired pipe organ sound files and in the process has accumulated a lot of information on the subject. Please use my email or text to establish communicatiion and not the forum private message system.

Note: Our expertise is in the hardware and setup, for questions pertaining to the operation, licensing and purchase of the Hauptwerk Software, v4.x.x or v5.x.x, please participate in the forum and its wealth of knowledge.

Best Regards,

Thomas 214-908-3850