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Allen ADC-8000 SOLD

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Allen ADC-8000 SOLD

PostThu Oct 15, 2020 8:45 pm

I've decided to keep this organ for my personal use. As is sometimes the case I valued it higher than the buyers ;-)

This handsome Allen ADC-8000 organ console includes a MIDI conversion which enables dual mode operation for playing either the original Allen voices or a Hauptwerk virtual organ. When Hauptwerk is turned on the Allen capture system (stops, pistons, toe studs) switch to operating and responding to the Hauptwerk organ. There are two ADC card cages with this model and 13 audio channels total.

The console features 98 drawknobs, 20 rocker tabs, 38 pistons, 24 toe studs, 4 cresc/expression pedals, 3 manuals, and an AGO pedalboard.

This is a sale of the console with five multichannel amplifiers. There are 22 Allen HC-15 speakers and 4 Allen HC-12 speakers available which are INCLUDED. Except for two repaired HC-15s they all need new midrange surrounds.

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