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Composing with Hauptwerk in a DAW

Connecting Hauptwerk to MIDI organs, sequencers, ...
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Composing with Hauptwerk in a DAW

PostMon Jul 25, 2022 5:55 am


I've searched for a while and not been able to find anything specific to this. I'm fairly new to using a DAW (Reaper in this case) but am familiar with HW. I'm trying to compose some music on Reaper using samples, a virtual piano and HW. The VST plugin is working well and I've somehow managed to make Reaper record audio of my live HW playing onto a track. This is fine if the performance is perfect in every way and no changes are made to the composition at a later stage, so the ideal solution is to output the playing as a MIDI track into Reaper so that the MIDI info can be edited in Reaper afterwards.

The problem I'm having getting my head around is how, when playing the project back, do you hear the HW organ play in Reaper with the correct registration etc. so that at some point it can be made into an audio track that can be listened to? Am I trying to do two tasks in one? i.e (1) record the playing data (2) play it back in a DAW that required the HW samples to sound right.

How do other composers insert the HW sound into a DAW composition in such a way that the MIDI data can be edited? I

Many thanks for your help!
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Re: Composing with Hauptwerk in a DAW

PostMon Jul 25, 2022 6:11 am

Hello Whrrr,

My brief suggestion would be to configure Hauptwerk and the DAW (Reaper) in the way described in the "Composing pieces off-line from a MIDI sequencer configured conventionally, method 2: specifying your own MIDI implementation manually ... (Hauptwerk as a ‘slave’ MIDI device)" section in the main Hauptwerk user guide (pages 273-280 in the current v7.0.0 version).

That way all MIDI goes via the DAW so you can record the MIDI within the DAW (using whatever MIDI implementation you like for Hauptwerk and other VST plug-ins). You can then tweak/edit the MIDI recording (within the DAW) until you're happy with it, then simply play it back (still from the DAW), whilst using the DAW to record the resulting audio onto a new audio track.
Best regards, Martin.
Hauptwerk software designer/developer, Milan Digital Audio.

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