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Issue with Launchpad Mk2

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Re: Issue with Launchpad Mk2

PostSun May 14, 2023 6:27 am

It sounds like you are using the delivered cable/ If it has a raised cylinder on the cable, that is a ferrite noise suppressor.

I suggest contacting Novation support. I recall reading elsewhere about a similar issue a user was having where Novation replaced the cable for free.
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Re: Issue with Launchpad Mk2

PostWed May 17, 2023 9:32 pm

mtozer949 wrote:Part 2:
Now, if I were to purchase two touchscreens, would they have to simultaneously be connected to the computer via USB cable AND DVI/HDMI/etc.? I have plenty of DVI ports and other ports on my computer, and a handful of free additional USB ports.

Yes, touchscreens require a USB connection for the touch data to communicate with the computer.

mtozer949 wrote:Have any Hauptwerk users had issues with touchscreens losing functionality randomly, in a manner similar to the issues I have had with the Launchpads mentioned above?

I have both 2 Launchpads standard size on a custom VESA mount to simulate a stop jam and a Mini in a 'junk drawer' (theatre organ term) under the keydesk. I've been using them for years with zero issues, one bought new the other used. The L/P Mini (used one) is using a replacement cable from Amazon. On two rare occasions the L/P Mini didn't load or find its driver when the computer booted up, it just continued with the "Vegas" light show meaning it has USB power but was unknown to Windows. I simply restarted the computer to resolve. I've never had one loose its connection or driver after running for a while or in between loading organs like you are experiencing. To troutbleshoot, I'd look at the computer's BIOS and see what it has for USB offerings such as in Legacy support. If the computer has a USB 2.0 only port, try using that one as L/Ps are USB 2.0 only. USB 3 might be struggling to down shift or maybe decided to try and run back at 3.0? Incorporating a powered USB hub as Martin suggest would easy thing to try and could resolve your issue.

With regards to touch screens, most organist really like a tactile feed back that the Launch Pads offer vs a flat touch screen where you have to carefully look and aim to make the right choice. Changing combinations sets as you mentioned is more difficult with a TS compared to a one-and-done L/P setup.

mtozer949 wrote:If I were to keep the Launchpads, and simply replace the cable, what kind of USB cable do I get, and who presently manufactures them, if at all?

Make sure the cable provides "data" transfer.

Summary: Don't give up on the MK2 Lauchpads. I've also installed them on several other Hauptwerk consoles with the same, dependable result.

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Re: Issue with Launchpad Mk2

PostSun May 28, 2023 2:57 am

I'll add my experiences with Launchpad Mk2 bad USB connection, in case it helps you or someone else.

I own three Launchpad Mk2s, and all three have the same problem: They would lose USB connection upon the slightest movement of the cable. If this happens, I would need to reboot the entire computer to make them work again.

Three different devices all exhibit the same problem, leading me to believe this is a design flaw.

I was able to fix it with some soldering, by attaching a cable directly to the board without using the plug. Someone helpfully explained the procedure here:



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Re: Issue with Launchpad Mk2

PostThu Apr 04, 2024 4:07 pm

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that it took awhile, but I eventually took the suggestion to replace the Launchpad cables, and in doing so, I rarely ever have issues anymore. They are far more reliable now, so thank you all for your suggestions and help. In fact, the great thing is that I will be replacing my 2021 Rodgers organ (that I currently use as a MIDI controller for Hauptwerk) with a new Block Organ V Model C 5-manual organ from Mixtuur, and because I took your suggestions, I will be able to repurpose the launchpads for new uses with the new organ. So, thank you all again for your help. I do have some different questions (non-launchpad-related), though, but I will post those on a different thread.
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Re: Issue with Launchpad Mk2

PostFri Apr 05, 2024 3:23 am

Thanks. Excellent.
Best regards, Martin.
Hauptwerk software designer/developer, Milan Digital Audio.

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