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New harpsichord by Andrea Bonzi

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New harpsichord by Andrea Bonzi

PostWed Apr 28, 2021 5:00 am

Andrea Bonzi offers us another instrument which, in the long term, could be the basis of a composite clavi-cembalo project, in association with his positive Ott. It is a harpsichord copied from a Ruckers of 1621 by Roberto Marioni in 2015, for a private house of Bologna. It's a 61-note two-keyboards instrument, in the ample style of Flemish Baroque harpsichords. The upper keyboard has 8 'and 4' stops. The 8 'stop is permanently and fully coupled to the lower keyboard. There is also a lute stop The temperament is uneven and the pitch, quite low, is 415 Hz.
This set is 24-bit stereo which makes it usable with every modest configurations and with Hauptwerk 4.2.1 free (for those who still use this version). The sound is clear and pleasant with well denoiseed samples. A demo version, with periodic sound interruptions can be requested on the site and the patch unlocking this demo is offered, if necessary, at a particularly modest price of 15 €.

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