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Prytanée Sample set - Sonus Paradisi

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Prytanée Sample set - Sonus Paradisi

PostFri May 07, 2021 2:56 am

I am delighted to present the Prytanée sample set to you. Prytanée is a prestigious military college in France. Most outstanding scholars studied there, such as René Descartes. The organ in the college church was created in 1640 by Ambroise Levasseur. The organ case built in 1638 by Pierre Frileux and Pierre Cornet is an expression of refined beauty. The organ was enlarged at the end of 18th century by Jean Dangeville. The sound of the pipes is characterized by clarity, crispness, aerial lightness, full of overtones echoing the ancient times. The timbre of stops is unmistakably French.

The organ is composed of 35 stops (53 ranks) on 4 manuals and a pedal. The sample set works in HW 4.2 as well as in Hauptwerk 5 or Hauptwerk 6. The sample set consists of 8 channels: the direct, diffuse, distant and rear recording perspectives. Using the built-in mixer, it is possible to achieve any desired mix of perspectives. The pipe coupling feature is included.

A new feature is introduced with this sample set: original vs. fine tuned mixtures. The Mixtures can be loaded in two modes: the default mode plays back the original samples as recorded, which are always somewhat out of tune, sometimes producing perhaps excessive beating between the ranks. The additional mode offers the mixture samples fine tuned for those who prefer hearing the organ in the purest tune. Switching between the two modes is extremely simple by a dedicated switch on the mixer tab in Hauptwerk. See all the features listed on my website.

A free demo sample set is available.

Older French sample sets are discounted!

To make room for my new French sample sets, I decided to substantially discount some older sample sets. Forcalquier, Rozay, St. Michel and St. Omer are severely discounted.


Jiri Zurek



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Re: Prytanée Sample set - Sonus Paradisi

PostTue May 11, 2021 5:25 pm

This is the best French classical sampleset yet!



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Re: Prytanée Sample set - Sonus Paradisi

PostWed May 12, 2021 10:45 am

It is indeed a superb instrument, very well restored by Benoist & Sarrelot and the very ,very skilful harmonist, JP Conan.
The recording of the sample set sounds also very nicely : clear and neat , with no distorsion or "grinding" of the mixtures, nor of the reeds, and with frank attacks and a direct sound which doesn't seem to be coming to your ears through a sort of " wall of cotton", so to speak.
So...waiting for new ones.. And thanks to S.P. for this one !

Andrew Grahame


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Re: Prytanée Sample set - Sonus Paradisi

PostWed May 12, 2021 1:32 pm

I would like to second the previous comments. Superb sample set in every way.

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