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Number of releases in sample sets

PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2021 8:13 am
by vpo-organist
Since I am a fan of convolution reverb, through which hundreds of releases exist, there are no audible artifacts.

I am of the opinion that one should increase the number of releases when using the OAM release technique (3 releases: short, mid, long) if the pipe response and/or the acoustics require it. At the same time, this means a considerable additional effort for the manufacturer.

Looking at a GO-ODF of Piotr Grabowski I just have to realize with astonishment that he does exactly that!

Curious, I opened all GO-ODF's - this is the result:

Oloron-Sainte-Marie = 4 Releases
Saint-Jean-de-Luz = 3 Releases
Erfurt Büßleben = 4 Releases
Bégard = 4 Releases
Obervellach = 4 Releases
Chorzów, św. Jadwiga Śląska = 4 Releases
Alessandria = 4 Releases

Chapeau Piotr! I like that :D

I overlooked that the tremulant samples were included. I have corrected the numbers thanks to a friend.