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Masterworks 331

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Re: Masterworks 331

PostMon Jun 05, 2023 3:51 am

Hello Pat,

By "go from setting 1 to setting two" I assume you mean switching between mixer preset 1 and mixer preset 2, with the IR reverb applied in one of those two (mixer preset 2, say) and not the other. If so:

All of the level settings on the "General settings | Audio mixer" screen for buses in the left-hand list within a given mixer preset node are specific to that mixer preset number. Hence, if, for example, you have your IR applied to master mix bus 1 for mixer preset 2 (within the mixer preset 2 node in the left-hand browse list of buses), then, with that particular bus selected in the left-hand list, you could adjust its level via any of the level settings on the right-hand pane, e.g. with "Bus audio processing: Level adjust (dB)". The "Impulse response reverb: Reverb wet level adjust (dB)" setting exists for the purpose of compensating for any difference in level that a given selected reverb imparts.

As to why one mixer preset now sounds louder than another if it didn't before (if switching back and forth between them for a given organ), presumably at some point you changed a level (or reverb) setting somewhere on one of the mixer buses for either of those two presets.
Best regards, Martin.
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Re: Masterworks 331

PostFri Jun 09, 2023 6:42 pm

Thanks for that explanation Martin. I’ll check those particular settings and see if I can adjust them.

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