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New Litomysl sample set and new Zlata Koruna sample set

PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 10:12 am
by zurek
Dear Hauptwerk users,
I am sorry to "pest" this forum again with the latest Sonus Paradisi announcements, but I wish to make you know of the latest development of the Sonus Paradisi project. Two new sample sets are available, although both the names are known already to the Hauptwerk community.

ZLATA KORUNA version 2
We are proud to present the new version of Zlata Koruna sample set. It has been recreated from scratch, using completely new multi-channel recording, making also completely new screen design and new ODF structure. It is, therefore, completely new virtual organ, not connected in any way to our previous version of the Zlata Koruna. The Zlata Koruna v.2 sample set offers all the advanced features of Hauptwerk sample sets which seem indispensable today for a quality pipe organ modelling. The features and the audio demonstrations of the new version of the sample set may be found on its dedicated web pages. ... hots.0.asp

The sample set is offered in two variants, the Wet and the Dry. The owners of the valid licence to the old version of the Zlata Koruna sample set may take the advantage of upgrading to the new version for very special price. When upgrading, they will be rewarded further by being given both the variants of the sample set: the Dry as well as the Wet.

LITOMYSL version 2
We are also very happy to present a new version of the Litomysl sample set. The Wet version was given a substancial facelift. The most important improvements are listed here:
• Improved denoising - about 18 dB better noise floor
• Dual Touchscreen support
• Multiple releases - 3 levels for each stop (improved staccato behavior), courtesy of Al Morse.
• Improved tremulant behavior, including completely new design of the tremulant LFO's.
The list of all the other improvements may be found on the dedicated web page.

Also, a number of audio demonstrations was prepared to show the behavior of the sample set in Hauptwerk 3.30. We are lucky to include the performance of Patrick Schönbach (with his very kind permission) to show the colors of the instrument. Furthermore, Frédérick Deschamps offered a lot of short improvisations showing many individitual stops.

The new version of the sample set is distributed on 2 DVD installation media which are ready for shipment.

The owners of the advanced version of the Litomysl sample set (labeled as 24-bit/48kHz) may receive the upgrade to the v.2 for small manipulation fee of 15 EUR. The upgrade period ends on June 30th, 2010.

Today, the old Hauptwerk 1 style of sample sets lost their importance and are almost not sold any longer, we decided to discontinue the low-end version of the Litomysl Wet sample set marked as the '16bit/44.1kHz' previously.
All the owners of the Litomysl Wet sample set 16bit/44.1kHz, who are interested in upgrading to the version 2, are asked to use the upgrade form to use the advantage of very special upgrade price until the end of June 2010.

New users are, of course, welcome as well, as one of my beta testers said: „it is again a pleasure to play the Litomysl virtual organ“.

The Litomysl Dry version stays the same, but we added the dual stop jamb support and we also changed the swell behavior and the tremulant samples to give more realistic effects.
The new release is distributed for a tiny manipulation fee to all the owners of the Litomysl Dry sample set.
A valid Litomysl Dry licence is required to use this order page.

Thank you for your kind attention,

Re: New Litomysl sample set and new Zlata Koruna sample set

PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 10:34 am
by imcg110
Jiri ,

Please, please, please "pest" us with this kind of news!!
There are many sample sets which although good are now old, but well loved and could do with an upgrade to more modern standards. I am glad to see work on these sample sets rather than just new ones appearing.

Just waiting to be pestered about St Max too!!

Re: New Litomysl sample set and new Zlata Koruna sample set

PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 1:36 pm
by dalest
fantastic, very nice new!!!
when we upload, does all the combinaisons are still compatbile or not ?

Re: New Litomysl sample set and new Zlata Koruna sample set

PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 2:41 pm
by grobgedackt
The Zlata Koruna set was one of the first sample sets I bought years ago, still in Hauptwerk 1 times. My sample set collection grew larger (around 20 organs, including the Trost organ, Cappel Schnittger, Silbermann St. Georgen, Zwolle, St. Petri Freiberg), but this really well sounding, very balanced instrument was still one of my favorites, even if it had no multiple releases.
I´ve listened to the new demo pieces, and this already magnificent organ sounds even better now !
The new graphics are also much better - It looked so cheap in the old version, and frankly said, I hated this western-saloon-like typeface (this is just my opinion)
So I´ve placed my upgrade order just 10 minutes ago - and I have to say: 40 Euros for the upgrade is a bargain price, considering it is completely new recorded !!
And even the full price is a fair one.
I can recommend the Zlata Koruna set to everyone who is interested in historic organs.

Best regards


Re: New Litomysl sample set and new Zlata Koruna sample set

PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 6:35 pm
by Andruss
I already ordered:) I hope it will be great. Sonus paradisi has never failed me. Litomysl was once my favorite set. I hope that it will now be again. I can't wait for the shipment.

Re: New Litomysl sample set and new Zlata Koruna sample set

PostPosted: Tue Jun 01, 2010 10:27 am
by grobgedackt
I received my new Zlata Koruna set this morning and I tested it thoroughly in the last few hours. My first impressions are very positive:
I hardly recognized the organ, compared to the Zlata Koruna (v.1) I had played just the other day, all stops sound way much better, they have more "body" (its not that thin sound anymore), more dynamics between the stops.
No more bad pipes in the pedal stops ! (e.g. the Violon Bass had one very ugly one in the past).
The sample set offers now a distinct premium sound, I would say, it comes close to the OAM sample sets. (This is my personal opinion. I don´t want to downgrade Prof. Maier, his products are constantly setting the benchmarks - but the Zlata Koruna IS a really good set.)
I can only wish that the example of Sonus Paradisi is followed by other sample set producers: there are some worthy, but over the years outdated samplesets which could as well get a Version 2. ;-)

Re: New Litomysl sample set and new Zlata Koruna sample set

PostPosted: Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:08 pm
by Gert
I agree with grobgedackt, Zlata Koruna is a nice sample set with beautiful reverb:

See for more than 20 other pieces and a combination file:

All regards,