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4-Manual Allen Keyboard Stack - make offer

PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 9:10 pm
by dw154515
Hi folks,

We recently got 4 new manuals for our console and are selling the "original" 4.


Full size images can be sent by request.

Thing's I'd like to point out...

All four are made by Allen.

The bottom 3 manuals were original to the console (mid to late 60's era), and are a matching set. They are also "hinged" (though they will need new screws, but otherwise, complete.) These three have the older matrix style contacts. The great manual also has a piston that has popped out. All original wiring is in place - nothing has been ripped out or cut short to my knowledge.

The top manual, is newer and has different cheek profile, and also has the newer contact style.

All manuals are working fine. We are replacing them due to the older contact style, as well as wanting to go to a more "tracker touch" feel. We decided buying new was better than going through the expense and hassle of new springs, felt, regulation, etc.

These are located on the south side of Indianapolis.

Any reasonable offer will be accepted.