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Free to good home: Classic Midi Works 3-man stack; NYC area

Hauptwerk and sample sets *not* permitted. Audio and MIDI hardware for use with Hauptwerk, organ consoles, parts, computer equipment.
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Free to good home: Classic Midi Works 3-man stack; NYC area

PostThu Nov 04, 2021 7:28 am

Description: 3 manuals + walnut cheeks. Plastic keys (no wood core), Fatar "tracker touch". Square pistons. This is the original CMK (no number; it would have been CMK-1 or, better, Classic Midiworks Keyboard Classic). I'm pretty sure that the configuration software for CMK-2 ver 1.3 will work with this, but you should check with CMK. I have no idea whether it will work with the more recent Windows versions; you should check about that, too, I guess.

It's entirely functional but there are some peculiarities. The cheeks are warped - they came that way, probably damaged in shipping, and I had to dremel out a channel for them to fit properly. They're held together with a hook. This doesn't matter unless there's an earthquake, I think. I've never had any problem as long as I've been careful in moving them (which I don't do frequently).

Two other issues. One is that, for some reason, sometimes when I power on, the 2nd (middle) manual doesn't transmit MIDI signals. The remedy is to hold down the leftmost piston and press the 2nd-leftmost piston. I found this fix in the CMK manual but forget what it did. It's pretty much a non-issue, really.

The remaining issue is that the lowest G in the 3rd (top) manual has to be pressed down farther than any of the other keys in order to sound. I never bothered to investigate this (some mechanical organs I've played have a far more uneven action). Fatar keyboard repairs are supposed to be possible but a nuisance.

I can't ship it. Pickup/deliver in the New York City area. (Can deliver because I need an excuse to take the car out every few weeks, otherwise flat spots develop on the brakes which can only be fixed by applying a large amount of money.)
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