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Artisan MIDI program

Connecting Hauptwerk to MIDI organs, sequencers, ...
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Artisan MIDI program

PostFri Dec 09, 2022 6:55 am

Does anyone have experience with this Artisan MIDI system. I am trying to replace a defective pcb but it needs programming. Mark Andersen, at Artisan has promised to write the program that I need but seems to have disappeared, despite being sent several emails asking for help. Has anybody any information on this?
This is the website: ... ystem.html



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Re: Artisan MIDI program

PostThu Dec 15, 2022 4:44 pm

I "might" be able to help.

I converted a two-manual Allen console to midi a few years ago using Artisan hardware. I originally used one of their sound engines but have since added a Mac Mini using Hauptwerk. I've modified the organ definition file many times and am somewhat familiar with the definition file.

The Allen console had the original capture system that still worked so I decided to stay with that. Consequently, the organ definition file that I am running does not read information from pistons/studs.

Eventually I plan to do away with the Allen capture and have everything controlled with the Artisan/Hauptwerk system. I have the Artisan hardware for driving the stop tab magnets and will have to rewrite my definition file. However, I lack the time and intestinal fortitude to tackle the job at the moment.

Feel free to send me a PM if you want to discuss.


Bill S.

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