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wind modelling workflow

Using the CODM to create your own organ definitions, exchange CODM organ definitions, ...
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wind modelling workflow

PostMon Sep 04, 2023 1:12 pm

Just curious, Do any of you here have a specific approach in setting up the wind model? Do you start with one specific parameter? Do you use any specific starting values? Is it possible to get any start values from the ODF? The only value I see in the ODF that I can use is the positive damping coeff. from the reservoir in the windcompartment table. it seems to be the same value in the CODM as in the ODF.
I understand the different parameters and what they do, I am also known with the recommended values from the CODM User Guide and the values Carlos Lara gives in his guide. But it would be nice to know how others work with it and maybe have some additional tips.



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Re: wind modelling workflow

PostMon Sep 04, 2023 7:51 pm

Well, I wrote the guide you reference, so there you go! Glad you found it helpful. I did try to frame out my approach in the guide, but perhaps I wasn't very clear. Basically I start with the ODF organ in Hauptwerk. When you play a note, you hear particular characteristics of the wind model in the opening transient of the pipe. You can use this to tweak the wind model parameters for each stop until they are basically the same. On the ODF, most sample set providers design them to simulate as closely as possible the actual behaviour of the real organ, so they are a good starting point.

It is actually possible to use the ODF, but what you have to do is make a custom organ, and compare the values of the ODF generated by the CODM and the original ODF. It's still not that easy to wrap your head around it, because the modelling is done per pipe (sample), but it's doable. Still, I think the approach above is easier.

Also don't forget you can use the St. Anne's example CODM organ values. I used those a lot when I was first starting out. Those organs are actually quite cleverly put together, and nicely winded and voiced, and the values in their CODM tables can be very helpful for figuring out a problem if you have one.

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