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Turn off noise

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Turn off noise

PostMon Jan 11, 2016 10:46 pm

Just purchased advanced Hauptwerk.
I have a free sample set in which the organ is VERY noisy. Can I turn off the "sounds" of the changes, noisy crescendo, noisy "clicks" on certain keys. I think I can turn off blower noises but wondering if that would take care of the rest. I haven't found where I can do this.
Thanks for the assistance

Andrew Grahame


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Re: Turn off noise

PostTue Jan 12, 2016 1:54 am

Hi Todd,

Turning the noises off permanently is done when loading a sample set for the first time. This is where you select various options about how each rank or effect is loaded. This includes choosing not to load specific items according to your needs.

Pull down the "Organ" menu, then select "Load organ, adjusting rank audio/memory options/routing". From there you can choose not to load the various noises such as blower, key action and stop action.

The sample set will then re-cache, which takes extra time. Subsequent loading of the same sample set from the "Load Organ", Load Favourite Organ" and "Load Recent Organ" selections will bypass the options process and quickly load the sample set according to your newly-determined choices.

Since you have the "Advanced" version you also have the option of reducing the volume of each effect from within the voicing controls. These are accessed by pulling down the "Organ Settings" menu then selecting "Pipe and Rank Voicing" . However if you want to silence an effect altogether it's best just to not load it in the first place, as this saves RAM.


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